22. February 2021
Suspension Forks
New Suspension forks available.
31. May 2020
Video unboxing of a new, in the box, 2004 Schwinn Stingray Spoiler.
instruction · 25. May 2020
Introductory instructions for your new PedalChopper motorized bicycle.
18. March 2020
You need the right tools to get the job done. Bike building and repair tools make your work so much easier. They are made specifically for working on bicycles. We have a wide variety available. We have bike stands that will hold your motorized bike. CRANK ARM REMOVAL TOOL MULTI SPOKE WRENCH PARK TOOL - HD MULTI - SIZE CHAIN TOOL CROSSFIRE REMOVAL TOOL CASSETTE REMOVAL TOOL WHIP CASSETTE HOLDER TOOL MULTI-SPEED FREEWHEEL REMOVAL TOOL FOUR POINT BMX FREEWHEEL REMOVAL TOOL PARK T HANDLE PEDAL...
07. February 2020
PedalChopper motorized bikes run even better in cold weather.
sale · 01. December 2019
Cyber Monday Sale
03. June 2019
Great father and son project- building a motorized Stingray bicycle together.
24. May 2019
How to get better performance from your gas bike engine.
30. April 2019
It's been a long winter with little or no riding. Get your bike ready now!
02. December 2018
PedalChopper T shirts now available. Choose any of the pictures from our gallery. Order here.

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