This is YOUR:                                                                "Schwinn Stingray - Motorized Bike"                              WORLD HEADQUARTERS 

     This internet site is being developed to offer you everything you need to:   BUILD YOUR OWN "CUSTOMIZED" PedalChopper for an  ADULT, TEEN or PRE-TEEN using YOUR Schwinn STINGRAY Chopper Bicycle.

      These Bikes cry out to be motorized!  Here at, we provide ONE STOP SHOPPING for ALL of the motorized bicycle parts, tools, etc. needed for your OCC Schwinn Stingray Custom Motorized bicycle builds!  Many parts do crossover and can also be used on other style bicycles.

     OUR “Motorized Bicycle”  PROJECTS are prominently posted on this site and some are FOR SALE or can be built for you!   We expect that many people who visit, will see the extensive amount of Time, Tools & Materials needed in order to Motorize an OCC Schwinn Chopper and decide to have me BUILD IT FOR YOU!  

     However, those of you who want to push on and build their own - we are here to provide everything you will need to do it right!  ...INCLUDING FREE TECHNICHAL  ADVICE! to our customers.


SHIPPING TO ALL LOCATIONS: * Worldwide - per request.   The shopping cart on this site does not know how to calculate  shipping prices for outside the [U.S.A.] . Please contact me at and include a list of what you want and where you are located.  I will reply with cost estimates including shipping to your location.

NEW OPTION - 3 Speed Transmission - see photos below

recent project "Web"ster - click on photo

PEDALCHOPPER EDITION: 24" inch Front & Rear Wheel "KITS", 3 speed transmission, Engine Performance Upgrades, etc.
PEDALCHOPPER EDITION: 24" inch Front & Rear Wheel "KITS", 3 speed transmission, Engine Performance Upgrades, etc.


           Schwinn Spoiler S.S. TRI-POWER =                                        3 SpEED Bicycle / 3 SPEED  Gas /                                                   1000 watt FrONT E-hub

Schwinn Spoiler S.S. TRI-POWER - click on photos to enlarge

3 Speed Bicycle w stickshift

* 3 speeds functional [jackshaft] w/gas motor

 * PedalChopper Edition High Performance 66/80cc gas motor

* 48volt / 1000 watt front electric hub with disc brake

 We currently have more than a dozen OCC Choppers  ready to be motorized. Our motorized PedalChoppers start at around $1,999.00 = nicely equipped [not including shipping]. Contact us to discuss the equipment you will want on YOUR “custom build”.  We have lots of experience, we know how to build them right & tight, cool & fast!   


Email us if you want our estimate for us to build a custom PedalChopper or any style “Motorized” Bicycle for you.  See our Gallery page  for samples of the different types of Bicycles we have converted.   

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