BICYCLE MOTORS - High Performance

Contact me in the form below to discuss your desired motor specifications.  I CAN BUILD YOUR MOTOR AND DO THE DESIRED UPGRADES / INSTALLATIONS [HERE] FOR YOU!  My specialty is OCC Schwinn Stingray custom "Motorized" Bicycle builds.  I have achieved over 40 mph [on an OCC Schwinn] using available High-Performance equipment.   50mph RANGES POSSIBLE with our 3 speed transmission system attachments

In our GALLERY you will see other Motorized Bicycle builds so, I can also help you make decisions on equipment for installing a bicycle motor on other style bicycles besides the OCC Stingray.

Note: Integrated tensioners not currently available but will be available soon....




ATTENTION - SOON TO BE offering Pre-Delivery Pricing on the Worlds "BEST" / Hand Built / Blue Printed & Balanced Bicycle Motor!   From Dean at Screaming Roo Australia.  PedalChopper slated to handle distribution etc...

For most current information on time lines for reservations and delivery, etc...  contact me in form below. 

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