Introduction to Your PedalChopper

Introduction to Your New PedalChopper Motorized Bike

If you are new to motorized Bikes, here are a few reminders. All motors require a breaking in period. Here at PedalChopper I have test ridden your bike to make sure everything is in proper order. But you still should take it easy on the bike for approximately 2-3 tank fulls of fuel.  It is o.k. to run  it  up to full throttle but only for 45 seconds at a time  -  for say first 100 miles or so.

Don't use old fuel. I recommend you purchase a new /clean 1 or 2 gallon gas container. You must mix 2 stroke motor oil in your gasoline or you will destroy your engine. I offer a good oil here. Or 2 stroke motor oil is available auto parts store, marine supply, hardware stores or even Walmart. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Typically you will use  4 ounces of oil per gallon of gas. I recommend full synthetic 2 stroke oil. 

Don't overfill your gas tank. 3/4 of a tank is recommended as the cap on your fuel tank is vented so gas is able to splash out if you overfill.

If you have received your PedalChopper in a carton, follow the attached assembly instructions. Make sure parts are installed properly and tight.

To start your PedalChopper raise the choke lever on the carburetor all the way up. Squeeze the left brake lever style clutch all the way in and start pedaling.Once you get up to 6+ mph, release the clutch lever and continue pedaling until the unit fires up. At this point, while the engine is running, pepper the throttle as needed to keep it running.Ride at low speed/idle for a minute to give the engine time to warm up.After the first minute or two, you can readjust the choke to 1/2 way position. Within 3-5 minutes the unit should be warmed up and ready to run normally. with choke.pushed all the 100's of hours of enjoyment, if you take care of them. 

End of part 1.