Thanks to Jim Wilson for keeping it real and live the schwinn stingray choppers, and Pimping my bike. I had to upgrade to his aftermarket parts as stock parts worn down and broke , etc. 
Except for the spoiler fork, wasn't totally neccesary, but the suspension and chop looks is killer couldnt pass it up. 
Upgrades from pedalchoppers are : 
drag exhaust pipe, billet header spacer, rear double wall rim with billet rear sprocket and adapter, front and rear tires, HD tensioner pully, extened kick stand, spoiler fork and bmx head set. Plus all the bonus extras he threw in to make me and my bike happy ( caskets, bolts,screws, and much more) Thanks to Jim wilson & pedalchoppers for pimping my bike! Lol

Pete Cyr / Florida - SUPER IMPRESSIVE FIRST BUILD!  and a force to be recognized when it comes to custom chopper builds!   Looking forward to NEXT BUILD!   CHOPPER ROO #002 Pete got the 2nd SCREAMING ROO [AUSTRALIAN PRINTED/ COMPUTER BLANCED] 2 stroke bicycle motor  - ever to be installed in the USA.


Runs out even nicer than it looks and that is saying something!   As it looks FABULOUS   Keep up good work Pete!  Cannot wait for your next CHOPPER - ROO BUILD!  

Daniel Entriken - is a LEADING PedalChopper builder in New Jersey.  This Build demonstrates the "endless possibilies" when you use your passion and imagination and direct it toward your PedalChopper project...  TOO many options to list but a few are: 7 speed transmission set -up /  direct drive ebike rear hub w/ monster battery [in trunk]. Oversized 24 x 4 1/4 inch wheels! 

NEW CUSTOMER - Mike Valerio of Sarasota Florida.  Mike owns MVM Motorsports Products and is the BIGGEST NAME in CARBON FIBER WHEELIE BARS and now making a start in our Industry.  Watch for Mike's New Coffin design tanks and HD Chainguards on!  Coming Soon!

NOTE: Tank shown here - early prototype - production model "coffin" tank will be awesome!


CONGRATULATIONS! Charles Reiken on completing you PedalChopper project...  Charles had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get this project done!  He always remained enthusiastic - through the process - sorry you had so many set backs but it was worth it - start enjoying your bike and make it your own special style!    - SAN JOSE, CA


I have been trying to put into words how much I appreciate all of your help that went far above and beyond what I had expected. I have had more fun building and riding my new toy. 
I also know it would have been way more difficult without your expertise. I really don't know what else I can say to express how helpful you have been. I received everything I ordered in perfect shape and all the help I needed from you to build the coolest toy in my neighborhood. I have already started another one for my wife so I will contact you soon about ordering everything I need. Thanks again Jim and we will do it again soon! 
                                                        Tom Vaughn

FROM THE LAND DOWN UNDER!   Awesome - one of a kind motorized pedalchopper [5 speed w/jackshart] 4 stroker - 24 inch rear!

Nice concept - very nice execution - send us a video!  

- Kym L. / Auastralia

Good Evening again Folks,
More pics, This is my third build, finished today.
I took her for a rain shortened test spin this afternoon.
The Grubee engine is a great big upgrade!
Thank You, Jim Wilson!

ORGIL - lives in Mongolia...!  Seen this PedalChopper I was advertising on ebay - here in the states and purchased it...  i shipped it to a broker and he had it sent sea freight from there - TOOK 2 months to arrive!


But when it did - everything good and all he has had to do is adjust the idle!  I love it when a plan comes together!   Enjoy your pedalChopper Orgil!

SCHWINN STINGRAY XL - with Custom 36" inch Wide Ride Fork and extra long steerer tube cut to fit.


Hi jim

Finally i done fixing my bike thanks for everything.It look really great and i feel good with it. I will email you in future if anything i want.
Thank you      Sharm - SINGAPORE

CHECK OUT Vicente's Chopper!  Really Nice Huh!? What is really unique about this STINGRAY - besides being very well done is that Vicente [and the Bike] are in GUAM - yes GUAM!  Guam is located about 7,500 miles west of Los Angeles and about 1,000 miles north of Australia.  Keep up the good work!  Vicente'

HOT ROD - Stingray!  24 inch apehangers, white wall tires, High - Performance Motor Package = PedalChopper Edition and billet drive gear...  FAST & COOL   Nice color scheme - nice project!  

Kyle Niedermeier / Wisconsin USA

Schwinn Stingray Wide ride
Schwinn Stingray Wide ride

This is my Schwinn stingray "roadster". Many thanks goes out to Jim Wilson at for the new front end which came in today. Sorry about the bad fotos .. will take some "glamour" shots once I tidy it up a bit and give it a clean..
Took the beast out for a turns heads! it!


- SMICKO from Western Australia


REPRESENTING PEDALCHOPPER IN BROOKLYN!   Check out this awesome ride by - Chris H.  

THANKS!  to PedalChopper!  for the excellent craftsmanship in the parts.    I get so many people asking how I did it. I just say most of the bike is built from


Great service, durable parts, and great looking designs. Thank you very much for putting forth the effort to make these bikes look flawless. ....Many bike shows in the future.  Jason T. 

Saw those forks!  Had to have them!  Really FAST yet soft, smooth, rolling ride! Very unique feel with wide front and rear wheels.  Love my Hi-Comp Head, Delortto style Carb & tuned drag pipe!  she growls!!!!  I have built and ridden several motorized Bicycles but not like this - my favorite!   - Patrick Ft. Myers Florida

Damn that [PedalChopper] motor is [a beast] its perfect!!!!!! Fast And Fun!  

- Aaron C. / Washington USA

follow up: Yeah it's perfect top end is all there , very powerful!

Thanks for All your help Jim!, you have been a Great assist & inspiration in helping me upgrade my ride!!! I've already got my second bike road ready and I'll be coming to you guys for upgades! I recently bought another bike for parts but will probably build it to run in the future. 

 -  DAVID W. / St. Louis

Thanks for your business at and also for the advice and info you left me with when I called. Below are some pictures to add to your customer builds page for me. My neighbor will cut that rear fender for me and I'll slap that back on real soon.

Just in time for summer I'm ready to ride!