Don't Be Afraid of the Cold

Don't Be Afraid of the Cold

PedalChopper motorized bikes run even better in cold weather. They really like it. You don't need to give up riding all winter. Of course you should use your good sense and be extra careful- as always.So bundle up and enjoy riding your bike.

Cyber Monday SAle

From NOW thru CYBER MONDAY ONLY. You can save up to $60 on FREE SHIPPING on Wide Ride Fork Set.This allows you to use a fat tire on the front. Free shipping is already factored in at checkout.

Take a look at them here:

Schools Out !

Schools out for the summer. Now's the time to get started on a father son [or daughter] project. Why not build a motorized OCC Stingray bicycle together? Help them learn useful skills. They learn about bikes and small engines.  Share a love of both. Of course it will be great fun to ride together when the project is done. Build memories to last a lifetime as you build a great bike. Get started now...

Get Better Performance

All motors with aftermarket high compression head run much better with high octane fuel. Always use premium. And I always add 1 ounce per gallon of octane boost. It's inexpensive and can be found at Walmart or Auto Zone. USE 1 OUNCE PER GALLON ONLY. If you have not already installed it, my aftermarket ignition system will smooth out engine vibration. And to smooth out engine further, my carburetor solution is the ticket. See it at

Get Ready For Spring

Get your motorized bicycle ready for spring with everything you need at
Get your motorized bicycle ready for spring with everything you need at

We know how long winter can seem when you can't get out there and ride your motorized bike. Well, spring is here! Get that bike turned up and ready to go. Even if it's still chilly, it's still  a good time to do those tweaks and upgrades you've been thinking of. You don't want any delays when you finally get a good day.

Motorized Bicycle T Shirts

PedalChopper T shirts now available. Choose any of the pictures from our gallery. Order here.

Stingray to PedalChopper Cartoon

Ever get a hold of a cool looking OCC Schwinn Stingray bike....only to be disappointed because it doesn't fit an adult so well? Here's a cartoon of a guy finding a solution to that at

E-Bike Kits for Stingrays

DIY E-Bike Kit

Includes  EVERYTHING NEEDED to transform

your Stingray into a PedalChopper E-BIKE:


   LACED into a 20" x 4 1/4" inch wheel using

   S.S. SPOKES  (tire available not included).



* 12 amp hour / 48 volt  LITHIUM BATTERY 

* REAR Carrier Rack with additional support.

* CANVAS Battery Bag.

Learn more HERE.

New Silver Star Motor

Build Your Own 5 Speed

 Turn your single speed OCC Schwinn Stingray into a 5 SPEED with a Stickshifter!  No fabrication required. Just bolt it on. Learn more or order your kit now.

Keep Calm

You may be calm as you pedal your PedalChopper motorized bike. But once you kick that engine know you are going to have a blast! Join the fun and get started on yours now.

Upgraded Chinese Two Stroke Bicycle Engine

Pedalchopper Quality by Jim Wilson... "Twin" fire Hemi - style 6cc head, torqued w/copper head gasket. Motor prepped/ degreased / painted - multiple coats heat paint. Motor is going on Spoiler so room in frame to use stock manifold. Abreo / SHA - Delortto replica carb [one better] w/ fuel adj. screw. Steel throttle housing cable custom cut to length. Clutch pads trimmed and clutch properly adjusted. OFFSET machined stingray specific motor mount with 2 1/2 front adaptor plate. Finned exhaust header and all 3 anodized engine covers. and... integrated kip style chain tensioner. BEST YET! Grubee GT5A - ES = 40mm inlet studs and drill start feature [front right side engine cover] Grubee - best off the shelf motor available smoother more powerful than any other web site motors in USA. Get it here!

Start a Winter Build Now

Don't let a little cold weather stop you. You may not be able to ride as often as you like during the winter. But it's a perfect time to start the next build.We have do it yourself kits, accessories, upgrades. Don't wait until the weather breaks and you could be out riding. Get started now at

Black Friday Sale

Use this coupon code   BLACKFRILOVE   for a Black Friday  discount  on PedalChopper T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, bumper stickers and more at

See our Zazzle PedalChopper store now. 

New blog post

Bikers Thoughts on Riding

Here are a few bikers thoughts on riding and sayings from our Facebook page.The pictures are all done from our bike builds.We thought you could relate to them. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and  Pinterest. You can also find these and other PedalChopper and general motorized bike items on Tshirts, mugs, hats, and more at our Zazzle page  here  PedalChopper Take a look. 

Live Better

Any time you can spend on a motorized bike is always fun. Whether it's you need for speed or just our to see the sights- you know you are going to enjoy it. You just can't help but smile.

All the time and effort that goes into building a motorized bicycle pays off the second you fire it up and head down the driveway. Your troubles seem to melt away with the purr of that engine. 

We have everything you need to get your bike done.



20% MORE BRAKING SURFACE than the 170mm wheel.  Do not get me wrong - I have built dozens of front 170mm Drum Hub wheels for Stingray [motorized] projects...  excellent braking.  However, this 190mm offers a lot more braking power for just a few dollars more!  Best possible front braking system for OCC style motorized Schwinn Stingray! GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN - LIMITED INVENTORY / AVAILABILITY. SEE THEM HERE

Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Motorized Bike

Sure your bike runs great. But what can you do to make your motorized bike stand out from the crowd, give it style, make it even better? Here are 10 great upgrades available through with links to each of them.

And for good measure, there are the details... Grips, Speedometer, Pedals, Lights, Racks,  and Valve Caps.

You'll find all this and more  at






2.  Qty. 2 x 3 Prong Spark Plugs

3.  DUAL Wired COIL as shown



Get the complete kit to upgrade your motor HERE

Best Fuel Mixture for Motorized Bicycle

I recommend always using premium gasoline- the highest octane available at the gas pump. Then, it is best to use synthetic 2 stroke motor oil  [ non sysnthetic creates more sludge] . Dino at Screaming Roo says 50:1 mix which minimizes sludge and is really adequate for lubrication and cooling. I have seen recommendations ranging from 16:1 to 100:1. From my experience running too much oil hurts more than it helps. I have had stock exhaust pipes plug solid with from using too much oil. And I have seen engines gummed up from too heavy of a mix. Dino of Screaming Roo would be the expert. He has taken apart and put together these 2 stroke bicycle motors more times in one day than the majority of us will ever do in a lifetime. If he says 50:1 that would be the proper ratio. However, I like to play it safe also. So I typically go with 3.5 ounces of Amsoil Dominator [available at link] per  gallon of premium gasoline, which equals around 40:1 ratio. Of course most of my work is on new engines, that have not been broken in at all. So, 50:1 is the ticket. Finally the icing on the cake , I pick up 104 octane boost  [Walmart] as these engines really love octane.Note : no more than one ounce [shot glass] of 104 octane per gallon or the engine may not run if you use too much.Summary: Highest octane premium fuels/ Amsoil 2 stroke/ 104 octane boost.

Color a Stingray

Just something fun today...

My wife just published an adult coloring book. If you'd like, you can see it here: "Coloring Therapy - Relaxation", by C.K. Wilson. While the picture to the left is not her usual style, she thought you might enjoy a free coloring page of a PedalChopper Stingray. Just click this link to DOWNLOAD.It should print up as 8x 10 picture. Use markers, colored pencils, or gel pens to see what your PedalChopper could look like in different colors. Or the kids might enjoy coloring it, too.

If you care to learn any more about adult coloring books, coloring for relaxation or stress relief, etc., you are welcome to visit her page at ColoringTherapy/

How Fast Is A Motorized Bike?

The top speed of a motorized bike can vary. But let's first be clear...this is not a motorcycle. Nor would you want to be going those kinds of speeds on a regular bicycle frame. Here at PedalChoppeer, I only sell and use high quality engines. They generally give you 30-50mph. The top speed you get out of them will vary depending on what specialty parts you use.We carry a variety of high performance parts. For instance, one of our high compression heads will add 10- 12 mph to your top end. That is plenty of speed to really be a blast to ride, as well as get you where you are going in good time.

Don't forget, just because it is NOT a motorcycle, doesn't mean you don't need a helmet. Accidents can happen at any speed and this is faster than you would be riding if you just pedaled. My customers often prefer a motorcyle style half helmet like this one - . I like the look of the flat black and it's light weight. It looks cool while still being DOT approved if you are required to wear a helmet where you are riding.

Easy Way to Motorize Your OCC Schwinn Stingray

Having a motorized bike looks fun, doesn't it? Trust me, IT IS!!!

Do you already have a OCC Scwinn Stingray? You can motorize it yourself if you have  your bike, some mechanical skills, a few tools, and PedalChoppers Build-your-own PedalChopper kit. 

You'll get the industries best available motor, a GRUBEE GT5A  66 / 80cc Motor. Also included are:  Dellorto Style Hi-Performance Carb, STEEL Throttle Housing w/ grips and remote kill switch,  "vortexed" Tuned Drag Pipe, Heavy Duty No Drill Motor Mount, Chain Tensioners "Tweekers",  44 tooth RR Drive Gear and rag joint with mounting hardware,  HD MOTOR SIDE Drive chain &  chainguard, Fuel tank, Fuel Line, Tank Mounting hardware,  Clutch PADS []properly trimmed & Clutch LEVER & CABLE connected and properly adjusted, Matching - 2 INTO 1 Right Side Brake Lever [connect 2 brakes to 1 lever], 2 WIRE - Higher Power Magneto, TRIPLE FIRE / THREE PRONG  Hi-Quality spark plug, CDI / Coil   ...and  more!  Motor pre-installed on motor mount using hardened metric bolts.

Comes with photo instructions.Click here to SEE THE KIT NOW.

Of course you can go through our site and pick and choose individual items you want. But the kit makes it easier. We also have other instructions throughout the website.

If you have questions before you buy, use the form on most pages to contact us.

The Perfect Gift 

Are you looking for the perfect gift for him?Maybe he already has a motorized bike or wants one, but you don't know exactly what he would like. Perhaps you want to surprise her with a bike of her own. offers gift certificates in any amount. Then he can choose exactly what he wants. If you are the gas bike enthusiast, you could always drop a hint and make it easy for them. The gift certificates are through PayPal, so you know they are safe.Did you know PayPal also offers the option to make payments?

Certificates can be in amounts to put towards parts and kits. Or you can give a complete bike build. Contact us to discuss the details or to make other arrangements.But make sure you contact us soon if you are looking for a complete bike build. A build takes time and we want you to have the bike on time.

Contact us directly or use the button in the side bar to purchase one through PayPal.

See what can be done here.

Safety First

Go Wild With a Theme Bike

Florida Gators theme bike
Florida Gators theme bike

Theme Bikes

Your bike does say a lot about you. Let it show what you are passionate about, whether that is your business, your team, your hobby, etc..See a few of our theme bike builds HERE. Contact us to talk about what you would like to do on a bike for yourself or your business.We do high quality builds, we are sure you'll be happy with. 

Bicycle Parts & Accessories

Along with all our motorized parts, don't forget we carry lots of standard bicycle parts and accessories at great prices.If you don't see what you need- contact us.

We have a new YouTube video that features some of them.  Check us out on You Tube. We have quite a few videos.


Machined Aluminum Engine side covers.  NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE - matching set of all ALL 3 Motor Covers NEW! / Notice "venting" in clutch plate cover!  Allows heat to dissipate from clutch and crankcase.  Also, set includes -  Generator cover and Clutch actuator cover 


We hope you like our new look here at Look up at the top right hand corner. You'll find your shopping cart sitting there where it's easy to find. Of course with anything new, there are a few minor tweaks yet to make. We hope you like it. Now...back to building bikes.