Most of our  Motorized Bike Builds are on the NEW ERA - OCC Stingray frame.  We have found ways to Adult Size them to comfortably accommodate persons upto around 6ft. tall.  For those 6 ft tall or taller - I use the larger Stingray Spoiler frame (right) or Stingray XL frame (just below) .  We have contractors in place to do CUSTOM: Machining, Graphics, Fabrication, Paint, Powdercoat, Motor Performance, etc.  To build your Special Corporate or Theme Bike Build.

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This customer already owned 2 x PedalChoppers  I had built prior.  He hired me to build him a Low yet Large (as he is 6 ft. 4 inches tall) HOT ROD Style PedalChopper with all the Bells & Whistles.  I / HE acknowledge we - accomplished our goal!   This is an adult XL Stingray frame = very BIG frame but by dropping tank over top bar and [shortening crank arms] so we could lower front end, achieved lowered look using  XL  Schwinn  Stingray  Frame. 

"BLUE OYSTER KRATE"  ADULT SIZED / KRATE STYLE E-BIKE...   Customer is a lifetime MUSICIAN and a BIG FAN of the 70's BLUE OYSTER CULT ROCK BAND.  24 rear wheel / 24 frame / 20 front wheel  W/ powerful e-kit professionally installed.  I build adult KRATE replica bikes - see my dedicated page:

"TREE EXPERTS of MARYLAND" CORPORATE THEME BIKE... Schwinn XL frame and the MOST POWERFUL / PEDALCHOPPER ENGINE KIT TO DATE!  plus 3 speed transmission syste.  Tried to embrace the colors of a rather unique MARYLAND STATE FLAG.  Feels like you are riding a real chopper!  fast / smooth / colorful and comfortable.




I live in Alabama but grew up in Florida I think after a few rides around these Bamers and Aubs they might be converted to Gators. Jim great job. As advertised his mock up and final product is the same. There were no surprises and kept me informed with the progression. Pretty sure Jim wanted to get this thing done faster...  it was amazing the quality product he produced - in reality in a short time. Really don't need it until the end of the month when the Gators take the field. Plus never rush a great artist. Can't wait to meet Jim in a few weeks. Already planning my next buy. Think it will be battleship gray and a lot of flat black. Want to model it after a Harley I see in my work parking lot. Just can't decide if it will be electric or gas.

"WICKED TUNA" Owner likes deep sea fishing for Yellow Fin Tuna.  Nice Air Brush graphic of Yellow Fin on tank. This is a PedalChopper Exclusive =   3 Speed / motorized / Schwinn Spoiler Chopper. ONLY 6,000 of this Schwinn Spoiler Frames produced. I can usually locate one for a custom build...  Suitable for riders all the way upto and beyond 6 ft 2 inches.   All hand built. Will use this platform to build a theme bike of your choosing.


W.C.P.C. Corp. Theme  Bike.  This was built for my  PowderCoat service provider here in Fort Myers = West Coast Powder Coat.  I went with the Jesse James / West Coast Chopper Theme.  This is the first OCC style Stingray I have built with both the Screaming Roo Motor & PedalChopper 3 speed transmission System.  Revs up fast, smooth  and cruises nicely!  She is a beauty - special pin stripe work by Josh Newman on facebook.  Custom engine covers later.


This unit designed for an Alumni of LSU and a BIG TIGERS Fan!  Pedals easily in bicycle mode....  DROP CLUTCH and hold on - zero to 30 in no time at all!  Looks and sounds great!  Easy to learn to ride - this bike was designed for a woman who is  5 ft 3 inches tall as shown in this photo.  However, we can go with any team theme and we have equipment [see bikes below] to fit these Stingray frames to full grown adult men.  

The "BOSS" Heavy Duty Build.  

Rider in 300lb range so built to suit... Frame reinforcement, motorcycle gauged spokes, solid steel oversized seat post and lower gearing.  This bike features the first Australian Made "Screaming Roo" motor - imported to USA.  Blueprinted & Balanced engine the best running motorized bicycle in the country.

Note: Working on becoming U.S. distributor for this motor / power plant.



"GHOST" Protocol...  Graphics to match the Game.  Designed for 14 year old - this bike features LARGE / SUPERSIZED 24" INCH WHEELS Frt & RR. Lots of Powdercoated parts: Rims, Fork, Engine covers, Frame extenders.


Notice the Stars & Blue stripes that are draped across the frame...  Added a little redneck attitude with the Budweiser logo's.   Fast, Smooth Riding on large 24 x 4 1/4 inch aftermarket tires.  nice top end in the mid 30's.  This is Fast [for a 2 stroke motorized Bicycle this size].  Many states will allow these to be tagged, etc...  Choose your Theme - we can discuss your options.

Built this ADULT SIZED / ORANGE KRATE replica...  for Dennis Padden - Oklahoma.  He sent me the paint code for his camaro show car - so we matched the paint job.  Bike turned out nice - he is very happy with it!  

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