3 Speed Retro-Fit "KIT"

THIS KIT IS DESIGNED TO CHANGE YOUR SINGLE SPEED STINGRAY or... Stingray SPOILER - INTO A 3 SPEED STINGRAY BICYCLE.  The Aluminum Drive Gear shown in THIS photo is not included in this kit. However, our Pedalchiopper Edition Rear drive gear is available and  mounts directly to the SIX (6) disc holes on left side of SX-RK3 Sturmey Archer Hub.


*170mm STURMEY / ARCHER 3 Sp. Hub with mounting hardware.

*REAR 20 INCH WHEEL - Professionally HAND-BUILT with [silver or black] Rim / Spokes per request.

*Shifter & Aftermarket Frame mount and shift cable, anchor, selector chain, etc.


Note: Tire / Tube available but not included in this KIT price.

*** Contact me in Form (below)  to inform me of what color rim and what color spokes you want [silver or black] for your wheel build.  Or send note when you make payment...




  • 5 lb
  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

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