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Back in 1973, I received an orange 5-speed Sting-Ray Fastback for Christmas and instantly fell in love with it. With its generator-driven headlight and taillight, speedometer, checkered flag rearview mirror, and turn signals, my bike was the coolest thing in our neighborhood. I was heartbroken when I got too big to ride it anymore. As the years passed, I bought two other Schwinn bikes, a 10-speed and then a 15-speed, but neither ever came close to capturing the magic and spirit of my 5-speed. I’m now retired and living in a community where lots of people have e-Bikes so I started looking for another Schwinn that I could enjoy riding again. After being disappointed with the mundane-looking bikes out there, I found Jim Wilson and PedalChoppers. Jim understood exactly what I wanted and built me a custom, adult-sized 5-speed Sting-Ray Orange Krate e-Bike. It rides like a dream in all three modes (standard pedaling/stick shift, e-Bike pedal assist, and full throttle e-Bike). I can’t ride it around the neighborhood without getting stopped and questioned about it. I find that I’m not the only guy who misses the Schwinn bike that he had as a kid. So after 50 years of waiting, I now have a new favorite bike under the Christmas tree. Thank you, Jim Wilson, for engineering a beautiful work of art that I’ll ride and enjoy for years to come! - Mark D. / florida




Great speaking with Jim [Wilson] and getting the rundown on my bike and the parts I’m purchasing. Super cool guy and easy to talk to, he really knows his stuff and has engineered his own parts!  C. Sallade - 4/9/20

Jim Wilson your customer service is 2nd to none & designed products are of highest quality! Throw in the specific experience & attention to detail also unmatched -  Iwish I'd found pedalchopper before I bought my kit on eBay - eternally grateful for the help & your business! I will go nowhere else from here on out ! You are greatly appreciated sir!

Jeremy Hiller - Arlington, Texas

Someone recently asked me why I promote Pedalchopper so often and wondered how much he pays me to shill for him.


I told him the answer is simple: Jim is honest and cares about his customers being satisfied even AFTER he gets paid.
He EARNED my goodwill and respect by going over & above to make sure I was happy even though I am NOT a big spender. He does NOT pay me to advertise for him.There's a very good reason I use so many Pedalchopper products despite my poverty. In my situation, I HAVE to make every dollar count.
So many businesses these days only care about the quick buck and finding new customers to screw over. They don't care about repeat business or reputation. Numbers is all that matters to most vendors. This makes me sad.
Jim deserves all the support & business I can send him simply because he's a rarity in this modern hate-filled world we inhabit. I hope to continue working with him for years to come because he's GOOD for the entire hobby. He makes these fly-by-night outfits look bad simply by being himself, and caring for his consumers.
His reputation is well deserved and I enjoy telling people about his stuff because I know he will never rip anyone off for his own gain, unlike so many others in this hobby. 
Suggesting Pedalchopper.com is a no-brainer for me.  Lowell Ray - Memphis, TN

The world’s best choppers as usual, unreal mate…!


Best Regards

Dean / Director


Can’t say enough about the quality parts and advice you provide. The forks, wheels, frame extensions are nothing but the best. But the Engine package you put together for me really make this a special bike. Everyone loves them and I couldn’t be happier with the final BUILDS. This just goes to show if you really want something of quality you can build it but only if you have a supplier that can meet the needs of that desire. You have gone far beyond my expectations on your part to make these dream bikes a reality. So Thanks for everything you do, you have my solid recommendation for anyone wanting to do this.        sincerely  - Ray A. / California

When I was a kid in the late 60's and early 70's a lot of kids father's made choppers out of bicycles and put motors on them. Well, as much as I begged my father he wouldn't do it. When I first bought my Stingray at a flea market a couple of years ago I had dreams of motorizing it. I didn't know a thing about bicycles or bicycle motors but instead of deciding to build a basic model I decided to go all out. I wanted something that looked like a motorcycle with pedals instead of a bicycle with a motor. Well, I tackled a monster but you helped. You were always there to answer questions, give guidance and listen to my crazy ideas. Without your help I would have never built my bike.


It is street legal with all lights, signals, horn etc..... Jim, your customer service is 2nd to none!!

Even with a bent/squished [lower frame tube] it works flawlessly!! What an amazing design!! Thank you, Jim Wilson!! The motor sits PERFECTLY where it should, the chain is straighter than an arrow and this mount was far easier to install than the two other mounts I tried beforehand!!

Jim i just got the box. thank you much. rim and spokes look good and i did not expect the nipples and the stickers were a nice touch. thank you once again. i will send photos of the build. i will be ordering from you in the next build. feel free to use this for testimony on the website. muchas gracias,

- Carlos

I could look at this for hours!! Awesome work!!! God, you're a genius!! - Kyle N. / Wisonsin

FB [OCC Schwinn  Stingray Motorized Chopper Bicycles] Group members, I don't know of a better supplier of aftermarket and some NOS original stock parts for our Schwinn Stingray Chopper's than Jim, @ Pedalchopper his price's are great and his customer service is bar none the best, I purchased 4-set's of Jim's Premium Disc Brakes, you can't go wrong with adding front brakes, and Jim sell's both Front Drum Brakes & Front Disc Brakes, even if your front forks don't have Disc Brake mounting Tabs Jim has solved that Problem for us as well with his Disc Brake Tab Adapter, like I always say Jim @ Pedalchopper You Rock as the Undisputed Leader & World Headquarters for Custom & Stock Schwinn Stingray Chopper parts accessories, gas bicycle engine kit's & Electric Bicycle Kit's.. etc etc etc...

I've got nothing but good things to say about Pedalchopper.com. They built a custom adult sized Schwinn chopper E-Bike at a comparable price to what all the parts would have cost me.   They built it right and have already overcame a lot of the problems that go along with trying to adult size a Schwinn bike.   And they kept me in the loop the whole time it was being built, answered all my questions, and even sent daily photos. Plus they were always nice and courteous and they seem to really love what they're doing. I only wish I wasn't on the other side of the country so I could pop in now and then to see what's cooking because the designs just get better and better!

Thank you so much Pedal Chopper! Love my custom Schwinn 3 speed electric chopper! Far better than something stock!

Bruce L., Southern Utah.

My Husband said this is a work of art and you really out did yourself!  He LOVES IT! and is so impressed..  Thanks!


- Kim Orlando, Florida

Hey man your bike is awesome! What a fine idea to put the electric front wheel and the 2 stroke. So if one fails out on the road you always got the other, and how easy is it to start WOW!  And all the custom aluminum parts are sick!   I thought my bike was cool. YOU GUYS BLEW MY MIND! - Mike D. YouTube comment




YOUTUBE LINK:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDGbRDxZkEc

I am in "Pedalchopper Heaven"!!!!!......this is not only the coolest looking pedalchopper...but she runs awsome...smooth and quick!!!...."A Huge Thank You" to: Jim Wilson! & Hugh Thomas!...
You two have done the Best Build in my opinion that is available in this industry!
"Extremely Satisfied Customer"......John H.
Currently now own two: Pedalchoppers/OCC/Schwinn Stingray
OCC "WEB" Stingray with (our) 24"inch Rear Wheel UPGRADE
OCC "WEB" Stingray with (our) 24"inch Rear Wheel UPGRADE



















 OoRah Soldier! Nice piece of work.

                           Don Grube of GRUBEE, Inc.


Orange County "Chrome" Chopper Bicycle
Orange County "Chrome" Chopper Bicycle
Jim...I really love this peddalchopper!!!!....EVERYBODY THAT SEE'S IT...SAY'S
- John H.

Black & Rose OCC Schwinn PedalChopper
Black & Rose OCC Schwinn PedalChopper

This bike is sweet! I fired her up this morning and you can't keep me off her!    Wow amazing!  I am very happy with the bike, and your help has been  fantastic..    Thanks again for all your help.


Michele / Canada

50 years young and having great fun on my Pedal Chopper

Awesome job on the bike it looks even better than it did in the pictures.

- Jason / Minnesota


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Wow! Thats sweet, nicely done!