MOTOR MOUNTS & DRAG PIPE -                  Stingray & Stingray Spoiler specific

OCC style Stingray specific Drag pipe

[TOP] PIPE - HAND BENDED PIPE FOR SPOILER - follows contour of frame


[LOWER] XL PIPE - 4 1/2  inches longer than OCC



  • 4 lb
  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1


Makes motor sound even more like a motorcycle!  also funnels spent / oily exhaust  away from bikes rear wheel.   


  • 2 lb
  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

LISTEN TO TUNED PIPE with tuner tip...

NEW DESIGN - OCC Stingray specific Motor Mount

NEW DESIGN -  MATCHES UP TO ALL STUD SIZES AND STUD WIDTHS!  Positions engine perfectly for crank clearance and offsets motor so drive chain works with wider stingray rear tire...  includes mounting bolts. 


  • 1 lb
  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

ty jim they [motor mounts] are awesome and fit very well definitely worth the money!  u r a brilliant man thank  you once again - D. Menefee


 SPOILER SPECIFIC MOUNT - includes extra spacer on rear mount to compensate for curvature of the spoiler frame.  However, depending on your motor - you may still need adaptors.  As, discussed my standard mount has 1-1/2" inch stud centers - if your motor has diffent stud  configuration - I can help but we will need measurements from your motor to guarantee proper fit...


  • 2 lb
  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

GOOD letter from A future customer.... below

How much are your motorcycle kits to convert a Schwinn Stingray bicycle into a motorcycle ?  




We have just tried to install one of the basic Chinese gas engine kits we purchased some time ago (from a seller on eBay)...


*** It has been a difficult task and endeavor from start to finish.   So much so, that we have actually decided to remove the engine kit from the bike completely !

The main problems we experienced were that the engine did not seem to fit  (or) stay mounted securely on the mounting plate bracket we purchased for it. (a black plate with 2 angled upright mount tubes on it)

The carburator didn't  fit either or clear the [stingray] frame in its upright position under the bike frame cross bar, (it rubbed on the side of the crossbar tube frame),.

The engine seemed to lean out of the bike to the left side of the bike, it didn't sit under the crossbar frame as centred.  

The clutch - when set in position shown in the photo [in the supplied and very very basic installation instructions booklet for the kit] when the clutch lever is pulled fully, it didn't  disengage the engine from its compression and gear mode. So ,we couldn't turn the pedals or rear wheel as rotating / pedaling it as a bicycle...
The engine just stayed engaged (the piston was going up and down inside the cylinder), 

Petrol tank  [unable] to mount the tank on the stingray frame,

The [kit] Exhaust -  When fitted to the engine, did not allow enough room for the bicycle pedal arm crank to clear the engine and exhaust pipe, to turn full motion. The exhaust pipe part item was just blocking everything and in the way.

The supplied chain, when fitted, seemed like it hung too loose.  And the Chain Tightener [TENSIONER] adjuster part seemed difficult to find a suitable space or part of frame on the Stingray frame to actually attach it to.  The chain also had (clearance issues) with the rear frame section "forks" and the rear brake caliper / cable...

In Conclusion:
The list of troublesome issues we have experienced with this 2 stroke gas powered bicycle engine (EBAY) kit engine just goes on and on... (even more than mentioned here.) 


The engine casing screw bolts on the chain drive sprocket and clutch setting arm were of such low quality metal that the heads rounded off after struggling to untighten them , to remove this engine casing part, to fit the chain over the front drive sprocket.  They were made of some Cheap Nasty metal - like alloy or something, the threaded bolts just rounded off.  Making more problems.   Nothing at all with this (ebay) kit and its installation into the Stingray type bicycle / frame has been or was easy.


In fact,
It has been a struggle and a nightmare from starting the installation right through to actually removing the kit parts again in our tearing the bike down and stripping it of all the chinese 2 stroke gas powered bicycle engine kit parts again, which we did yesterday.


We have not yet even had chance to add fuel, start and test run this engine yet !

We thought the kit would be an easy project, simple to fit and install...but it's been nothing but a headache and difficult.

We are now going to try installing it onto a different style of bicycle .. maybe a MTB mountain bike perhaps. As this engine  kit was probably best designed for a more normal style of bicycle. (And not suitably designed to install into the Schwinn Stingray)...


I noticed from looking at your company website your kits actually look better made engines and mounting brackets, your products obviously are designed and fit and work well...     So, we have not yet discarded the idea of converting our Schwinn Stingray bicycle here just yet...


We think your website and pictured motorized Stingray bikes look cool and , despite our problems and disappointment here with our own kit installation efforts,
we are still interested to try and convert and build a motorized Stingray...
So, some suggestions and help would be appreciated here for our further consideration

Best wishes to you Jim,

From Rob.

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