BICYCLE MOTORS - High Performance

NEW! - NOW OFFERING Installation of ARROW Balanced Race Cranks in kits # 5 and #6

Contact me in the form below to discuss your desired motor specifications.  I CAN BUILD YOUR MOTOR AND DO THE DESIRED UPGRADES / INSTALLATIONS [HERE] FOR YOU!  My specialty is OCC Schwinn Stingray custom "Motorized" Bicycle builds.  I have achieved over 40+ mph [on an OCC Schwinn] using available High-Performance equipment.   50++mph RANGES POSSIBLE with our 3 speed transmission system attachments


In our GALLERY you will see other Motorized Bicycle builds so, I can also help you make decisions on equipment for installing a bicycle motor on other style bicycles besides the OCC Stingray.

Note: Integrated tensioners not available as KIP tensioner is actually better...


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