Satisfied Customers

John Salter

Not 100% done, but close enough to post my story.
First off, Jim at is the best. Easily the best customer service I've encountered EVER. He resolved every issue instantly and was available to answer any and all questions throughout assembly.
All parts were bought from I sourced and priced out every part I wanted online, added them up, and compared them to It was a no-brainer to just spend a little extra and get kits and parts the were designed and pre configured for the OCC Stingray. The time I saved on fabrication alone was worth the extra $.
Assembly was a breeze. The most time consuming part was adjusting the pedal chain and motor chain to get the correct tension on both. The "tweekers" really helped, and from experience of doing this type of work in the past, it was still pretty easy compared to if I didn't have all the OCC custom parts.
I installed the #3 engine kit, sprocket hub clamp kit, new free wheel, Ape Hanger kit, 90mm Drum Brake Front Rim kit, new back tire and new front tire.
Using the mix of 1 gallon 93 octane, one once Lucas Octane Boost and 4 ounces VP 2T fully synthetic 2-Steoke oil, the motor fired right up on full choke and was running smooth with no choke in under a minutes.
I'm going to install a spring tensioner tomorrow, since I can't seem to get the chain to spin at a static tension. I goes tight to slop, and I can't seem to iron that out. The slop is minimal, but enough that the chain hits the frame every now and again. The spring tensioner will easily fix that.
The matching front and back tires are off the hook badass! I love the unbranded all black look, and they are what I'd call "fatty" compared to the original OCC tires. I set my bike up straight bobber style. No chain guards, no fenders and no reflectors. Those fatty tires are the using on the cake of the bobber look! The downfall of the fatty back tire is that I can no longer use the OG back brakes, since the tire is now in the way of the brake line that goes between each arm. Made a call to Jim at for some advice and found out he has extended brake arms. So those were ordered.
This thing runs great and I'm hoping to have it 100% done by the end of this coming weekend.

I appreciate all the thumbs up [facebook group] I really owe it to Jim Wilson he sold me every thing (you see)  And helped me on The phone day and night I was a pain in The ass I wasn't the easiest person to teach.

 I dreamed this [build] for a long time and researched I heard about it and Saw Jim's site And started planning and saving, Then, I went into the hospital for a few months Then a nursing home I have a bad liver From years of alcohol and drugs.   I Quit everything - I was in there for A year and got out and started healing I won'ted to build this bike.  I love this facebook group [OCC SCHWINN STINGRAY MOTORIZED CHOPPER BICYCLES] and building and riding My bike thanksagain Jim and All! - Chuck T. / PA.

I want to give a big thank you to Jim Wilson for having my kit all diled in right from the start. It runs perfect. If i hadn't found pedal chopper i would still not have it right. - R. Armstrong / Indiana

I can't even explain how happy I am with everything Jim Wilson worth every dollar brother!

- R. Mcmurray

Shout out to Jim Wilson at pedalchopper. Thanks for the awesome parts, excellent customer service, and dedication to customer satisfaction!

Here's my "Narley Davidson"  by Kevin with Jim's great kit. [Pedalchopper Kit #2] 


Hi Jim, sorry I haven’t contacted you yet. Yes, the bike arrived and is amazing, pictures don’t really convey just how incredible this bike is when you see it in person... Man, this bike is a dream come true and worth every penny. Thanks so much for all of your attention to detail and hard work. Also for all of the extras you included... I want you to know I couldn’t be happier with this bike! Thanks again for everything, I’ll keep in touch! - Johnny Johnson

First I would like to say that what I saw in dealing with Jim was that he showed professionalism on all levels of communication, build quality and vast knowledge of his product. He insures that every bike built is tested and works to his standard of quality. The bike itself is a work of art and shows his excellent craftsmanship. You are getting a one of a kind custom finished motorized bike.

Samuel Henriques - NEW YORK

Jim: please feel free to add me to your satisfied customer list. I am super pleased with the help, advice and quality parts I get from you. I will recommend your shop to anyone who asks. Here some pics of the final project I was working on. This thing runs great and was a ton of fun to do.
Ray Atkinson
Tracy, Ca.

Thanks Ray - Just wait until ypou see his next project!!

I  got the "spoiler" fender this morning, Thanks for everything you have done, you have been EXTREMELY helpful, informative, easy to talk to great to do business with and just a golden guy!  Have a great day and future!   - DIXIE / UNITED KINGDOM 

Hi Jim,

Goods arrived on Friday may 9th, just wanted to say Thanks!  for everything was exactly what I wanted and more!   The quality is outstanding, cant thank you enough.  Extra tube and custom valve protectors for free!    Just awesome...


Thanks Sean Mcewan - Australia

"Just a little PSA announcement for the Schwinnheads out there.
I am fast becoming addicted to these OCC choppers against my will!
I never liked the riding position and have always considered choppers mostly for ''posers'' and people more concerned with looks than substance. I don't like posers.
But....I was wrong!
When I found out about Jim Wilson

and Pedalchopper and started checking out this page and looking at some of the products and builders, I was blown away by the talent and design being put into these bikes!
I want in on the fun!
The only reason I came was to see the jackshaft build and look at me now...
50 years of hardcore bicycle love and I am more excited about this rusty chopper than if I had scored a $15k crabon fibber downhill MTB!
There is one reason. Jim Wilson!
Jim is one of the nicest, most helpful vendors I have ever dealt with and I have been buying stuff a LONG time. Anyone looking for the best products on the market need look no further. If Jim doesn't have it, you don't want it. He carries quality and stands behind his products like the vendors your grandfather knew."

Lowell R./Memphis

Awesome! Seriously, by far the best service ever!

That's a true thing of beauty!!  - Kyle N. / Wisconsin

My stretched mod stingray chopper fitted with ride fat boy forks from peddlechopper. Thanks jim. Nice fit solid.  - Duncan C. / U.K. England

Hi Jim,
Thanks alot for the occ fender and the seat! Both are great! And for the dice valve stem caps!!   Excellent because I didn't have any caps!!  Excellent packing too!   Best regards, great doing biss with you!
- Jim F.  5 Sp. Shift Kit installation you can do it inside
no problem like a big lego easy having fun listen tv same time

Serge - Quebec Canada

Hey Jim,

I gotta tell ya my younger brother & I have been having a Blast flying around on the two bikes!!, its such a reward to be able to ride 1 & see/hear my other bike riding next to me at 30± MPH neither of them are broken in so we been riding like crazy trying to get em' there!, I can't thank you enuff!, but I will admit I am Addicted & I will continue to use you guys for upgrades & for each future build!, you guys Rock! Rite-on Peddalchopper rite-on!!!

Got the forks in today Jim. They are Awesome!! Thank you so much.


Love how you made the smooth top to cover the fork legs! And the design on the yokes. Nice. These yokes should polish out really nice. Quality Made in the USA.

Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii - Michael G.

Re: WIDE RIDE FORKS... OCC Schwinn, etc.

I've got to throw my 2 cents in as well, I received my parts from Jim way faster than expected. The workmanship is Flawless. It's nice that there is another Excellent product being made for the MB community by another member right here in the USA.

Thanks Jim!     - Chainmaker

Thank you very much for the fast delivery!
I received it [OCC Schwinn Rear wheel] this morning...

I hope we can do some more business in the future!

Enjoy the weather ;)

Thanks so much. The parts arrived and I got them installed! Fit great!
-  Allen

I am delighted to report that the decision to purchase the front drum brake for my OCC Schwinn Stingray from was the right move! It arrived quickly and installed even quicker! The brake looks great on the bike (as seen in the pic) and provides all the stopping power we need for the bike with the 1000W rear hub motor kit. I only wish we had purchased ALL the bike parts from and avoided the earlier nightmare we had with your competitor. The good news is, that now that the project is complete, and based upon the overwhelming response to the project, performance and appearance of the bike, we are now seriously considering using projects like this to enhance our government and school district clients' education and job creation programs in North America and the Caribbean.

Carlton Cunningham, Ph.D., MBA, Ed.S

Thank you for your (technical) help!   I just put your front disk brake (wheel) on SWEEEEET! love it!     Attached is a picture of the Chopper I built for my 11yr old grandson.  - DAN


You have been of tremendous help, and I'm so happy I found your website just by chance. ....Everything I can get from you I will. And I will recommend you highly!!!! What can I say?  THANK YOU -  so much you are the best!  - sincerely, John H.