Battery Safety

E-Bike Battery Safety Reminders

We recently got a nice reminder from our E-bike kit supplier, Electric Bike Technologies. We want you to enjoy your e-bike safely and for a long time. So we thought we we'd share this with you....


We urge you to consider the following five essential guidelines when charging your Lithium-ion battery:


  1. Do Not Leave Your Battery Charger Connected Indefinitely. Disconnect the charger promptly once the battery charge is complete.
  2. Always Use the Charger Provided with Your Battery. Avoid using a charger with a different voltage.
  3. Never Attempt to Modify Your Battery or Charger. Any alterations can pose serious safety risks.
  4. Chargers May Generate Heat During the Charging Process. Always ensure your battery is not being charged near any flammable materials.
  5. Refrain From Using Extension Cords or Power Strips When Charging. Always plug your charger directly into a wall outlet.

And always plug the charger into the wall FIRST, before plugging it into the bike.