New Adult Sized Schwinn Krate Style E-Bike

Krate Style Motorized Bikes

Remember those great Krate bikes you wanted as a kid?  We have captured the "spirit" of the original. Better yet! OUR Bike is actually an E-Bike with 5 speeds pedal assisted and/or throttle controlled!! 


* ADULT SIZED - 24 INCH FRAME w/ 24 "inch REAR "SLICK" like the original "KRATE" Bike.

*  21 inch long saddle [with gel padded cover] with sissy bar - this is also 'adult sized' for heavier adult rider.


* 1,000 watt rear hub and...  48 volt [lithium battery] 15 amp hour for longer distance riding especially when you use (pedal assist function)  

* Functioning 5 speed deraillier w/ STICK SHIFTER.

* TALL / DYNO brand Butterfly handlebars

* Chrome single spring front springer.

And more! See it all HERE!