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11. December 2015
I recommend always using premium gasoline- the highest octane available at the gas pump. Then, it is best to use synthetic 2 stroke motor oil [ non sysnthetic creates more sludge] . Dino at Screaming Roo says 50:1 mix which minimizes sludge and is really adequate for lubrication and cooling. I have seen recommendations ranging from 16:1 to 100:1. From my experience running too much oil hurts more than it helps. I have had stock exhaust pipes plug solid with from using too much oil. And I have...
31. August 2014
My latest build is a gas motor OCC Schwinn Stingray chopper Web Bike- with all the bells and whistles. It is the pinnacle of designs far.
02. April 2014
WE RECOMMEND AMSOIL - HIGHEST PERFORMANCE 2 STROKE OIL We now carry Amsoil products. Contact us if you want something different.