02. December 2018
PedalChopper T shirts now available. Choose any of the pictures from our gallery. Order here.
01. December 2018
Ever get a hold of a cool looking OCC Schwinn Stingray bike....only to be disappointed because it doesn't fit an adult so well? Here's a cartoon of a guy finding a solution to that at PedalChopper.com.
16. August 2018
Electric bike kits are now available for your Schwinn OCC Stingray.
16. November 2017
New upgraded engine
06. July 2017
Turn your single speed OCC Schwinn Stingray into a 5 SPEED with a Stickshifter! No fabrication required. Just bolt it on. Learn more or order your kit now.
31. March 2017
You may be calm as you pedal your PedalChopper motorized bike. But once you kick that engine over...you know you are going to have a blast! Join the fun and get started on yours now.
17. February 2017
Pedalchopper Quality by Jim Wilson... "Twin" fire Hemi - style 6cc head, torqued w/copper head gasket. Motor prepped/ degreased / painted - multiple coats heat paint. Motor is going on Spoiler so room in frame to use stock manifold. Abreo / SHA - Delortto replica carb [one better] w/ fuel adj. screw. Steel throttle housing cable custom cut to length. Clutch pads trimmed and clutch properly adjusted. OFFSET machined stingray specific motor mount with 2 1/2 front adaptor plate. Finned exhaust...
29. January 2017
Don't let a little cold weather stop you. You may not be able to ride as often as you like during the winter. But it's a perfect time to start the next build.We have do it yourself kits, accessories, upgrades. Don't wait until the weather breaks and you could be out riding. Get started now at PedalChopper.com.
24. November 2016
Use this coupon code BLACKFRILOVE for a Black Friday discount on PedalChopper T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, bumper stickers and more at http://www.zazzle.com/pedalchopper See our Zazzle PedalChopper store now.
30. August 2016
Here are a few bikers thoughts on riding and sayings from our Facebook page.The pictures are all done from our bike builds.We thought you could relate to them. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also find these and other PedalChopper and general motorized bike items on Tshirts, mugs, hats, and more at our Zazzle page here PedalChopper Take a look.

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