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29. July 2012
I just found another OCC Schwinn Spoiler in very good / LIKE NEW condition... They are much like the Stingrays, they have the 4 inch rear wheel - but larger frame and springer fork. They were built for an adult-even before our modifications. This is going to be a great "canvas" to start a build with. I think this one is going to be our tribute to the SPOILER S.S. that evidently never went into production. So we will likely go with an extra wide triple tree (and 4 inch wheel) in place of the...
24. November 2011
Just got our hands on a BRAND NEW Schwinn SPOILER! NOT MANY OF THESE AROUND. We PLAN TO MOTORIZE in Dec / January. We can set up this unit to fit anyone from medium sized to very tall 6 ft. 6 inches or taller. We will be upgrading to DUAL DISC on front, does not come this way stock! Rear disc from factory. Seat and handlebars can be tweeked for style and a more comfortable ride!