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24. August 2015
Florida Gators theme bike
17. August 2015
Your bike does say a lot about you. Let it show what you are passionate about, whether that is your business, your team, your hobby, etc..See a few of our theme bike builds HERE. Contact us to talk about what you would like to do on a bike for yourself or your business.We do high quality builds, we are sure you'll be happy with.
31. August 2014
My latest build is a gas motor OCC Schwinn Stingray chopper Web Bike- with all the bells and whistles. It is the pinnacle of designs far.
15. July 2014
Arriving soon- 24" x 4 1/4" [100mm rim] wheels! We are the only one in the country that will have this wheel in stock. Better yet, we offer a frame extender kit which allow you to upgrade and install on the rear of your Schwinn Stingray. UPDATE: Now Available here. Supersize it!
19. March 2014
New OCC Schwinn Stingray specific 3 speed transmission system/kit is coming soon.Organizing pre-sale now.
02. October 2013
BRAND NEW! We now have a FULLY FUNCTIONING CLUTCH Actuator Cover w/ Chain Tensioner - to match our already available Generator & Clutch Plate Cover [as shown below]. Install it / forget it = automatically takes out chain slack.
06. October 2012
SPROCKETS ARE IN! GO TO MOTORIZED BIKE PARTS PAGE ON THIS SITE! LINK: THREE POINT "Manic Mechanic" Style mounts also available contact us in the form below for more information. Working with a Skilled, Reliable Machine Shop to create many NEW PedalChopper Edition - Machined Billet Aluminum Products as follows... Sprockets - as pictured sizes 36 teeth thru 43 teeth Triple Tree Forks - Legs / head tube cut to spec. Will Accomodate 4"inch wide...
03. June 2012
In addition to our growing list of aftermarket parts and accessories that you can order online, we now have motorized bikes to order. If you like it just as it is shown, you can order right off our site. It doesn't get any easier. You can still contact us to ask questions before ordering. And of course, we have many other bikes we can outfit to your liking. Check back often for the lastest additions.
18. May 2012
We just began offering cool bicycle accessories. Order right from our site.We'll be adding new categories weekly. So check back often and see what's new.
27. April 2012
Gas & Electric Combo Motorized Bike
We have done what may be the very first gas and electric combination motorized bicycle! Have the advantages of both.We've built this unique bike on a custom painted frame.It features flames and lightening bolts to highlight the two forms of power coming together.Use the electric motor when around people or while the gas engine is warming up. Enjoy the speed and sound of the gas engine when you want to. Harley-Davidson saddlebags house the electric batteries and your stuff you need for your...

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