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27. April 2012
Gas & Electric Combo Motorized Bike
We have done what may be the very first gas and electric combination motorized bicycle! Have the advantages of both.We've built this unique bike on a custom painted frame.It features flames and lightening bolts to highlight the two forms of power coming together.Use the electric motor when around people or while the gas engine is warming up. Enjoy the speed and sound of the gas engine when you want to. Harley-Davidson saddlebags house the electric batteries and your stuff you need for your...
08. April 2012
This mist blue bike is a step through- made for easy on and off.Great for older adults or just a comfortable ride. It is an all aluminum frame.It has 7 speeds for easy pedaling.But we've added an electric motor - very quiet.That makes it great for commuting. It goes 24+ miles per hour.And you can ride up to 30 miles on just one charge!
07. March 2012
This bike has a whisper quiet electric motor. It's so easy to ride. It is set up to be very comfortable. The factory pearl yellow yellow frame and fenders have custom painted floral decoration.
07. November 2011
This bike was introduced in 2005. We found this unit in very good condition.So we did a frame up restoration. Motor casing house two 12 volt batteries. The original rear hub motor is really a heavy duty unit. It will last for years. This one is currently for sale for $999 + shipping. But really don't think it's going to last long at our shop on Ft. Myers Beach. We are very interested in buying any complete electric Stingray bikes or parts and pieces. Phone us if you have any at...