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24. August 2015
Florida Gators theme bike
27. May 2014
I just wanted to thank Jeff at the Gas Bike Dude blog for his nice article about PedalChopper.Here's a link if you'd like to read it and check out his blog.
19. March 2014
New OCC Schwinn Stingray specific 3 speed transmission system/kit is coming soon.Organizing pre-sale now.
29. July 2012
I just found another OCC Schwinn Spoiler in very good / LIKE NEW condition... They are much like the Stingrays, they have the 4 inch rear wheel - but larger frame and springer fork. They were built for an adult-even before our modifications. This is going to be a great "canvas" to start a build with. I think this one is going to be our tribute to the SPOILER S.S. that evidently never went into production. So we will likely go with an extra wide triple tree (and 4 inch wheel) in place of the...
18. July 2012
Love OCC Schwinn Stingray Choppers, but not able to ride one comfortably because you are too tall?We have your solution.Now you can pre order our exclusive kit to supersize yours.It's everything you need to make your bike comfortable for someone up to 6' 2" or taller. Easy as 1-2-3 with our included step by step instructions. See our "Supersize" page. You can pre order yours now.
18. May 2012
We just began offering cool bicycle accessories. Order right from our site.We'll be adding new categories weekly. So check back often and see what's new.
27. April 2012
Gas & Electric Combo Motorized Bike
We have done what may be the very first gas and electric combination motorized bicycle! Have the advantages of both.We've built this unique bike on a custom painted frame.It features flames and lightening bolts to highlight the two forms of power coming together.Use the electric motor when around people or while the gas engine is warming up. Enjoy the speed and sound of the gas engine when you want to. Harley-Davidson saddlebags house the electric batteries and your stuff you need for your...
07. March 2012
This bike has a whisper quiet electric motor. It's so easy to ride. It is set up to be very comfortable. The factory pearl yellow yellow frame and fenders have custom painted floral decoration.
25. October 2011
We're working hard to finish our site.We've been building great motorized bikes.But we want to bring you more.So, be patient. Come back and see us and see what we're up to. We're still busy building choppers....and having a blast doing it.We hope you have as much fun riding them! If you haven't seen what we do yet, check out our YouTube videos.