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16. January 2016
Top 10 Ways to make your motorized bicycle even better.
24. August 2015
Florida Gators theme bike
17. August 2015
Your bike does say a lot about you. Let it show what you are passionate about, whether that is your business, your team, your hobby, etc..See a few of our theme bike builds HERE. Contact us to talk about what you would like to do on a bike for yourself or your business.We do high quality builds, we are sure you'll be happy with.
12. February 2013
NOW AVAILABLE! PedalChopper Edition: WIDE-RIDE Fork Kits. Designed specifically for the OCC Schwinn Stingray but can be adapted to many frames. Steering Tube currently upto 12 inches long and Fork tubes at 30 inches but longer available by request. This kit allows YOU to take a 20" inch x 4 1/4" inch OCC rear wheel off of a parts bike for instance... Remove the freewheel and with our special "Screw on Rotor Mount fitting" install a disc brake system to allow a Front Disc Brake Retro-Fit /...
03. June 2012
In addition to our growing list of aftermarket parts and accessories that you can order online, we now have motorized bikes to order. If you like it just as it is shown, you can order right off our site. It doesn't get any easier. You can still contact us to ask questions before ordering. And of course, we have many other bikes we can outfit to your liking. Check back often for the lastest additions.